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Malware Has Gone Mobile. Stop.Think.Connect. to keep cybercriminals out of your mobile device

24 October 2016

Mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets have become ingrained in our daily lives. Technology which was once only found on desktop computers can now be carried in the palm of one’s hands. Yet as the popularity of these devices explodes, the appetite of cybercriminals targeting these devices has grown too. The risk of mobile malware is real: hackers can steal money and sensitive information, use these devices as bots and even spy on your activities. Unfortunately, most people have not realised the importance of protecting their mobile devices from such attacks. 

Europol coordinates EU-wide hit on trafficking in human beings for sexual exploitation

20 October 2016

An impressive number of 28 countries teamed up with Europol to deliver a major blow to organised crime groups involved in trafficking in human beings across the European Union and beyond. During the operational activities of the EU-wide Joint Action Day (JAD) named Ciconia Alba, one part of the intelligence-led police actions and controls focussed explicitly on sexual exploitation and child trafficking.

EUR 320 million VAT fraud: key targets arrested

20 October 2016

Yesterday, from a coordination centre located at Eurojust, prosecution and law enforcement authorities from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK, supported by Europol and Eurojust, delivered a further blow to an organised criminal group responsible for defrauding EU citizens of approximately EUR 320 million in a joint action targeting VAT fraud.

Ciconia Alba actions on cocaine trafficking by sea and air result in 18 arrests and 2.38 tonnes of cocaine seized

19 October 2016

In the framework of Operation Ciconia Alba, EU Member States and third partners joined efforts to counter cocaine trafficking by maritime freight from the Brazilian port of Santos and the Colombian harbours of Barranquilla, Buenaventura, Cartagena, Santa Marta, and Turbo.

Global action against airline fraudsters: 193 detained

19 October 2016

Criminals make use of fraudulently purchased tickets to travel anonymously

Global operation Ciconia Alba delivers major blow to organised crime

19 October 2016

2.38 tonnes of cocaine have been seized, 529 human trafficking victims identified and 314 individuals arrested following a week-long international operation.

Fifty-two countries and four international organisations teamed up with Europol to deliver a major blow to organised crime groups operating across the European Union and beyond. Cooperation with partners from the private sector was also key to this successful operation.

13 countries join the global fight against ransomware

17 October 2016

More than 2 500 victims were able to decrypt their devices thanks to No More Ransom

Just three months after the successful launch of the No More Ransom project, law enforcement agencies from a further 13 countries have signed up to fight ransomware together with the private sector.

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