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Criminal gang behind prostitution network dismantled by Romania and the United Kingdom

26 August 2016

Romanian Police and DIICOT Prosecutor’s Office1, working together with UK law enforcement authorities and supported by Europol and Eurojust, have dismantled a Romanian organised criminal group involved in trafficking young women into prostitution in more than 10 cities in the UK.

An extensive action day organised by the Romanian Police in the Ploieşti region resulted in the identification of 15 suspects, all of them subject to judicial preventive measures: 8 were arrested and 7 were put under judicial probation.

Over 3 tonnes of hashish seized in international police operation

24 August 2016

A joint operation between Polish, Spanish and Italian law enforcement authorities, coordinated by Europol, has resulted in the arrest of 13 individuals and the seizure of over 3 tonnes of hashish. The criminal network was mainly based in Spain and is suspected of having made substantial profit by shipping narcotics from Morocco to a number of European countries and organising their further distribution.

Several action days took place during the course of the investigation which began in 2014.

Europol coordinated operation targets distribution of child sexual abuse material

23 August 2016

The Europol coordinated Operation Daylight targeting those responsible for distributing child sexual abuse material has led to 611 intelligence packages being disseminated through Europol to EU Member States and third parties.  This EMPACT-CYBER-Child Sexual Exploitation operational action has resulted in 207 criminal investigations being opened among these countries and 75 persons being arrested or convicted at this point.

Europol and Spanish Guardia Civil thwart crime group that stole nearly half a million euro worth of luxury cars

14 August 2016

Europol has supported the Spanish Guardia Civil to dismantle an organised crime group involved in the stealing of luxury vehicles worth EUR 430 000. Six Lithuanian nationals aged between 28 to 64 years old were arrested in connection to this case. So far, the Spanish officers have recovered 14 stolen vehicles.

Several house searches were carried out in Alicante (Spain). Chemical substances and professional tools used to manipulate license plates, chassis numbers and false documents, as well as radio-frequency devices were discovered and seized.

Europol, Spain and Poland dismantle Polish crime group involved in drugs smuggling

12 August 2016

Europol has coordinated a joint investigation by the Spanish National Police (UDYCO Costa del Sol) and the Polish Police (Polish Central Bureau of Investigation) to dismantle a criminal group involved in drugs smuggling. The gang, which was operating in Costa del Sol (Spain), was largely known by the Polish Police for having committed serious crimes in Poland. The investigation, which took place over three different phases, also saw the participation of the Danish and French Police. 

8 of Europe’s Most Wanted criminals captured thanks to general public

29 July 2016

Six months after the launch of the ‘Europe’s Most Wanted Fugitives’ website, a platform hosted by Europol, 14 of the fugitives wanted by EU Member States have successfully been put behind bars. In at least 8 of these arrests, the leads provided via the online platform played a direct role in locating the fugitives. Requesting the assistance of the general public has proven to provide significant added value for capturing criminals on the run.

Spain and Europol dismantle crime network involved in firearms trafficking

26 July 2016

Europol has supported a Spanish National Police – led operation which resulted in the dismantlement of an organised crime group headed by a Polish national suspected of firearms trafficking.

Numerous house searches were carried out in several locations in the municipality of Ibiza in the last couple of weeks. Simultaneously, Europol coordinated searches in some firms located in Germany and Switzerland.

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