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26 March 2015

On 24 March, Europol and Eurojust supported an operation targeting several organised crime groups (OCGs) suspected of excise fraud[1]. Millions of euros were recovered and 61 searches and seizures were conducted. Law enforcement and prosecution authorities of six Member States executed 53 freezing orders and arrested eight individuals.

Pan-European operation dismantles migrant smuggling network with 77 arrests

25 March 2015

With the support of Europol and Eurojust and nearly 400 law enforcement officers, 77 individuals suspected of large-scale irregular migrant smuggling from Kosovo to the EU have been arrested in Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and Kosovo.

ICE signs agreement to join Europol’s efforts to target people smuggling

24 March 2015

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Sarah R. Saldaña travelled to The Hague this week to sign an agreement to join Europol's Focal Point Checkpoint, which targets people smuggling networks.

Joint action to tackle Chinese human trafficking networks

20 March 2015

With the support of Europol, law enforcement authorities from four European countries joined efforts on 16 and 18 March in an operation to combat the trafficking of human beings. The coordinated operation targeted Chinese criminal networks that are involved in sexual and labour exploitation across Europe.

European police seize 11 tonnes of illegally-disposed waste

19 March 2015

A large transnational joint police operation involving more than 2500 law enforcement officers from 14 EU countries has resulted in the seizure of 11 tonnes of illegally-disposed waste.

As part of the operation, 678 sites, over 1400 waste transporters and around 2200 individuals were checked, 95 of whom were reported to the respective judicial authorities. From more than 1900 vehicles that were stopped, 13 were seized for violations linked to waste trafficking. As a result, more than 58 investigations will be launched by the national authorities and will be supported by Europol.

Joint operational team launched to combat irregular migration in the Mediterranean

17 March 2015

The influx of migrants via the Mediterranean Sea has been exponentially rising, with 220 000 migrants crossing in 2014. Apart from putting intense immigration pressure on countries such as Greece and Italy, before the migrants arrive they have often taken very risky journeys across the Mediterranean to get there.

Joint law enforcement action to tackle people smuggling network in Greece

17 March 2015

The criminal group was suspected of facilitating the illegal entry into the EU of migrants –mainly Syrian – via maritime routes from Turkey to Greece

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