International women’s day 2019

08 March 2019
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On international women’s day, we pay tribute to all the women in law enforcement who on a daily basis contribute to the security of our societies and our citizens. Whether it is leading criminal investigations, gathering and analysing intelligence, or protecting our streets and neighbourhoods, women are part and parcel of making Europe safer and more secure to live in.

This has not always been the case unfortunately. While we should recognise and cherish the efforts and contributions of all our police officers every single day – both women and men – it is on international women’s day that we should remember that this equality has been hard-fought and hard-earned. On a day like this, we commit not only to acknowledge, respect and praise the invaluable work of women in law enforcement, but also to further facilitate and empower their role, at all levels.

Joint statement by Europol’s Executive Director Catherine De Bolle and European Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship Dimitris Avramopoulos.