EC3 Partners

Established by the Head of EC3 and reporting to him, dedicated advisory groups have been created in order to foster closer cooperation with its leading non-law enforcement partners. They help to strengthen practical cooperation between law enforcement and key domains, such as internet security, telecommunications and financial services.

EC3 advisory groups leaflet

Advisory Group on Internet Security

With a view of getting a clear overview of the needs and priorities for internet security in the context of the cross-border fight against cybercrime, the purpose of the Group is to:

  • bring knowledge and expertise to EC3 on matters related to internet security;
  • update and share all relevant information and expertise on developments in the area of internet security;
  • assist EC3 in defining priorities for its work in this area, including advising on the cooperation with CERTs and other relevant partners and on developing concepts for enhanced prevention of cybercrime;
  • assist EC3 in striking the right balance between disruption and prevention on the one hand and investigation and prosecution on the other.

EC3  may also consult the group on any matter relating to internet security in relation to the fight against cybercrime.

Advisory Group on Internet Security Highlights 2018 download infographic