Europol Excellence Award in Innovation award

The Europol Excellence Award in Innovation will highlight how effective modern-day law enforcement requires partnership and collaboration, whether in teams of officers and staff, between forces, in multi-agency operations or through wider public sector involvement.

Nominations are currently being reviewed.

The award will also recognise that accomplishments arise from a blend of innovative, committed and well-trained personnel, serving, engaging and protecting the public while using technology efficiently and effectively. We are convinced the award will inspire the European law enforcement community by providing insights into successful innovation.

General provisions

  • Only nominations received from law enforcement entities from EU Member States or countries with liaison officers at Europol are eligible when sent before the deadline of 7 September 2021.
  • Submitted projects must have been finalised/implemented between 30 June 2019 and 30 June 2021.
  • Only complete nominations submitted through the online form below will be accepted.
  • A jury will be established to assess the nominations, shortlist and select a winner. The jury’s decision in all matters relating to the award is final.

Please contact us for any queries on the Award.

Nomination criteria

All nominated projects must include at least one of these innovation types.

  • Business improvement/ways of working 
    An innovative project or team that changed the way (an aspect of) law enforcement operates. A team or initiative that improved law enforcement services or set new standards in the working environment. A project that brought together multiple stakeholders (e.g. the private sector or academia) helped law enforcement achieve its goals and improved public-private partnership cooperation.
  • Managing change or crisis
    A team or initiative that displayed innovative ways of managing change and overcoming crises, for instance during the COVID-19 pandemic or incorporating new technology.
  • Investigations/operational innovation
    An investigation involving new or improved methods.
  • Innovation in crime prevention 
    Examples of innovation applied to crime prevention and awareness campaigns/initiatives.
  • Diversity
    A team or initiative that worked for a stronger inclusion of diversity in law enforcement communities, achieving better outcomes.