Joint Action Day Danube II

Coordinated by Frontex and co-led by Hungary, targeting illegal entries and smuggling activities along the Balkan route and at the Eastern external border of the EU performed in the clandestine way by various means of transportation.

Crime Areas: Facilitation of illegal immigration, organised property crime

Key operational outcome: As a result, border police apprehended 7 people smugglers, detected 546 irregular migrants and 667 people without valid travel documents. 24 stolen vehicles were detected. In the course of this operation smuggled cigarettes, alcohol and drugs were detected along with illegal weapons and ammunition. The intelligence collected will help launch investigations into people suspected of involvement in migrant smuggling.

Europol's contribution: Deployment of one analyst to provide analytical on-the-spot support.

Participants: BG, HU, HR, PL, RO, SI, SK, Europol, Frontex and INTERPOL.


19 June 2017
30 June 2017