Large-Scale Joint Action Day (LS-JAD)

Crime areas: Over the course of 2018, eight cross-border law enforcement operations targeted serious international and organised crime in the EMPACT priority crime areas of

  • cybercrime;
  • drug trafficking;
  • facilitation of illegal immigration;
  • organised property crime;
  • trafficking in human beings;
  • excise and MTIC fraud;
  • illicit firearms trafficking;
  • environmental crime;
  • criminal finances and money laundering;
  • document fraud.

Europol's contribution: As the European law enforcement platform for information exchange, Europol supported the Joint Action Days with operational coordination, secure information exchange, cross-checking of data and operational analysis, as well as on-the-spot support.

The EMPACT Joint Action Days 2018 follow the successful operations 2017 Dragon; 2016 Ciconia Alba; 2015 Blue Amber; and 2014 Archimedes. The Standing Committee on Operational Cooperation on Internal Security (COSI) of the Council of the EU has provided strategic guidance for the planning of the Joint Action Days and is monitoring their implementation. For the current EU Policy Cycle 2018-2021, Europol will use the EMPACT brand name to promote the Joint Action Days in the fight against international crime.

Main figures

  • 1 026 investigations initiated;
  • Over €1.4 million in cash seized
  • 1 137 suspects arrested;
  • 337 victims of human trafficking identified (including 52 minors);
  • 730 kg of heroin seized
  • 207 firearms seized.


01 January 2018
21 December 2018