Large-Scale Joint Action Day (LS-JAD)

Crime areas: Facilitation of illegal immigration, trafficking in human beings (THB), synthetic drugs and cocaine trafficking, organised property crime (OPC).

Key operational outcome: In total 692 people were detained, arrested or apprehended. 267 kg of cocaine, 19 kg of amphetamines, 1.7 kg of MDMA, 327 tablets of XTC, 2.44 million individual cigarettes and 228 vehicles were seized. 594 new investigations have been initiated (2 in connection with cocaine trafficking, 373 in synthetic drugs trafficking/possession, 17 in facilitating illegal immigration, 81 in THB, 121 in OPC). 84 document fraud cases were detected. 94 suspects of facilitation of illegal immigration, plus 102 suspects and 1 074 victims of trafficking in human beings were identified, among which 36 were minors.

Europol's contribution: Europol prepared an overall action plan with the contributions of all EU Member States, the related Action Leaders, Drivers, Eurojust and Frontex. The draft plan was discussed during a planning meeting held at Europol, with the participation of the relevant Action Leaders.

Participants: All EU Member States, CH, CO, IS, NO, US, Eurojust, Europol, Frontex, CCWP, INTERPOL, MAOC-N.


09 October 2017
13 October 2017