Operation Archimedes

Law enforcement authorities from 34 countries, coordinated and supported by Europol from its headquarters in The Hague, joined forces to target organised crime groups and their infrastructures across the EU in a series of actions in hundreds of locations, with the cooperation of Eurojust, Frontex and Interpol.

Operation Archimedes has been the biggest ever cooperated international law enforcement operation targeting serious and organised crime in the EU and involved actions at hundreds of locations between 15 and 23 September 2014.EU Member States and their international partners came together to disrupt the activities of criminal groups engaging in the trafficking and production of drugs, the trafficking of human beings, the facilitation of illegal immigration, organised property crime, the trade in firearms and counterfeit goods.

As part of Operation Archimedes, law enforcement authorities committed thousands of police officers to actions focusing on key hot spots in the EU with the aim of having a lasting and significant impact on serious and organised crime disrupting criminal groups and their activities for months or even years to come. Cybercrime (transnational sex offenders and payment fraud) was among the crime areas investigated.

Main figures

  • 1.150 individuals arrested
  • 30 children saved from tafficking
  • 40+ parcels of cocaine seized
  • 200 kg of Heroin seized
  • 1.3 t of cannabis seized
  • 1m+ euros in cash confiscated
  • 34 countries participated
  • 21 stolen cars seized


15 September 2014
23 September 2014

Places of action

Urban areas