Operational and technical support to Estonia

On 22 September 2010, an air freight cargo consignment containing 217.3 kilos of coffee powder arrived in Estonia from Venezuela via Germany. German Customs had already found that the consignment tested positive for cocaine and in cooperation with the investigation department of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board, a controlled delivery was organised. Europol promptly provided two very comprehensive reports on cocaine conversion laboratories, cocaine extraction and conversion procedures, chemicals and equipment used, and details on the risks involved during the cocaine extraction and conversion process. In addition to daily contact, additional information was also provided on laboratories discovered in other EU countries where similar consignments had been processed. Based on these reports and associated advice, and during subsequent house searches, investigators found and identified a list of chemicals used for the conversion and purification of cocaine. In total, 48 kilos of cocaine were seized, while two Estonian citizens and two others are suspected of drug-related crimes. Three further suspects have been in custody at the prosecutor's request. 

Main figures

  • 48 kilos of cocaine


22 September 2010
22 September 2010