Europol regularly takes part in grant projects, in different ways, such as:

  • awarding funding (e.g. via EMPACT or Eastern Partnership grants); 
  • providing support to a third party project proposal (e.g. via a letter of support);
  • receiving funding as a beneficiary (e.g. under grant calls from the European Commission);
  • or supporting another EU entity awarding a grant in designing/evaluating a call. 

On this page, we provide important practical information, to ensure proper consideration of your request. This is important if you are seeking Europol’s support for your proposal or Europol’s participation in a grant project as a beneficiary. The intention is to make all potential partners aware of Europol’s decision making process with regards to such requests. 

You will also find below the principles applicable to Europol’s participation in any grant project and related proposals, which ensure alignment of all partners involved during the proposal preparation, project formalisation (e.g. consortium agreement) and implementation phases.

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