I just thought it was a bargain, I was not aware of the risks…

Public awareness and prevention
How-to guide

Purchasing counterfeit products isn’t a victimless crime. Don’t get fooled online! This is what you are buying…

FAKE SUNGLASSES without any UV protection.


They may contain a wrong dose of active ingredient, or none at all, or a different ingredient. They may be potentially dangerous. At worst, can result in heart attack, coma or death.

FAKE ELECTRONICS with missing or poor quality components that can be very dangerous due to the risk of overheating, electric shocks, fire and explosions.

FAKE DESIGNER WATCHES built with untested materials.

They will stop working after a short period of time.

FAKE COSMETICS PRODUCTS containing toxic levels of chemicals and harmful substances like arsenic, lead and mercury.

They can lead to rashes, swelling or poisoning. Fake makeup containing beryllium, cadmium and arsenic, all of which are known cancer-causing chemicals or can be infected with bacteria.

FAKE AUTOMOTIVE PARTS produced with sub-standard materials.

They can provoke fatal errors such as brake failure, cracked wheels, engine damage or misfiring airbags, posing a very serious risk to your safety.

COUNTERFEIT CLOTHES containing toxic levels of chemicals and substandard materials that can cause skin irritation or even have carcinogenic effects. 

They will not provide protection in extreme weather conditions.


FAKE CHILDREN'S TOYS containing chemicals or toxic materials that can lead to diseases such as asthma or even cancer.

Many are made with components that do not respect age indications, and can posehazards to children.

FAKE ALCOHOL likely to contain dangerous substances such as antifreeze, fuel, and methanol.

They might provoke nausea, liver or kidney problems, coma, or even death.



You will receive other product than the one you ordered or even an empty box. Often, counterfeit products do not include all the parts that should come with the product, or some parts will be from a different manufacturer, or you will not receive supplementary materials such as the manual.

You will not benefit from a guarantee or a return policy.