Operational Centre

Providing around-the-clock support to law enforcement partners

The Operational Centre, which runs 24/7, is the hub for the exchange of data among Europol, EU Member States and third parties on criminal activity.

More than 30 specialists and analysts work in this high-security unit.

All of Europol’s operational and information and communications technology services are available to Member States. In addition, mobile offices can be deployed for on-the-spot support of operations in Member States, thus providing a live connection to Europol’s databases and platforms.

The Operational Centre:

  • manages the constant flow of data between Europol and its operational partners;
  • receives operational messages (hundreds per day);
  • assesses the data to be included in Europol databases;
  • supports law enforcement operations within and outside the EU;
  • maintains a centralised cross-checking service against all existing data;
  • produces analytical reports whenever common elements (“hits”) are found in crosschecks, thus making it possible to identify new trends and developments in the EU criminal landscape.