SIRIUS project

SIRIUS Cross-Border Access To Electronic Evidence

The SIRIUS project, co-implemented by Europol and Eurojust, in close partnership with the European Judicial Network, is a central reference point in the EU for knowledge sharing on cross-border access to electronic evidence. More than half of all criminal investigations today include a cross-border request to access electronic evidence (such as data from messaging or email services, or social media). The SIRIUS project aims to help investigators cope with the complexity and the volume of information in a rapidly changing online environment, by providing guidelines on specific Online Service Providers (OSPs) and investigative tools, as well as contact details for OSPs, and opportunities to share experiences with peers, both online and in person. These resources, updated continually, are available on a restricted platform on the Europol Platform for Experts, open to law enforcement and judicial authorities from EU Member States and countries with an operational agreement with Europol and countries with an operational agreements with Eurojust.

The SIRIUS community on the Europol Platform for Experts represents all 27 Member States, promoting cooperation and support within the European Union. Since the project’s inception in 2017, SIRIUS has focused on providing innovative resources, to train law enforcement and judicial authorities in an engaging way. In 2020, the project launched an interactive video game, created in partnership with CENTRIC, taking the player through a terrorism investigation to learn more about lawful data requests. Members of the SIRIUS platform on the EPE can also have access to resources on the go, thanks to the SIRIUS App available on Android and iOS. SIRIUS is dedicated to shedding light into the access and use of electronic evidence in criminal investigations in the EU, and produces to this effect an annual Digital Evidence Situation Report. Finally, SIRIUS will organise a structured mentorship programme dedicated to small OSPs that do not have a law enforcement response infrastructure in place, to share knowledge and best practices.

SIRIUS further improves collaboration in the EU with the creation of a Single Point of Contact (SPoC) Network. This network of experts in lawful data requests promotes best practices, and encourage countries to set up their own SPoC. SIRIUS will continue to provide high quality trainings both through the CEPOL platform and in person, innovative tools to assist with online investigations, as well as up-to-date guidelines reflecting the latest changes in law enforcement policies of major online service providers. SIRIUS will build further on its strong partnership with international partners, such as the UNODC, the UNCTED, and the FBI, to continue expanding the international reach of the project. 

If you would like to get in touch, or if you would like to join the SIRIUS platform, please contact Judicial authorities (prosecutors, investigative judges, judges etc) can apply for membership by contacting Please note that the SIRIUS platform on the EPE is restricted to law enforcement and judicial authorities.

  The SIRIUS project has received funding from the European Commission’s Service for Foreign Policy (FPI) under contribution agreement No PI/2020/417-500.