INT 2019 O52 18 - Media and Graphic Design Support

INT 2019 O52 18


Applications are invited for this INTERNSHIP PROJECT at the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation (Europol).
Europol is located in The Hague, The Netherlands, and its main tasks are the following:
a) to collect, store, process, analyse and exchange information and intelligence;
b) to aid investigations in the Member States, in particular by forwarding all relevant information to the national units;
c) to ask the competent authorities of the Member States concerned to initiate, conduct or coordinate investigations and to suggest the setting up of joint investigation teams in specific cases;
d) to provide intelligence and analytical support to Member States in connection with major international events;
e) to prepare threat assessments, strategic analyses and general situation reports relating to its objective, including organised crime threat assessments.
For more information please visit Europol’s website




The objectives of Europol’s internship scheme are:

•  To provide interns with a unique and first-hand experience of the workings of Europol in particular and of the European Union institutions in general. It aims at providing an understanding of the objectives and goals of the Europol processes and policies.
•  To enable interns to acquire practical experience and knowledge of the day-to-day work of Europol departments and services. To provide the opportunity to work in a multi-cultural, multi-linguistic and multi-ethnic environment contributing to the development of mutual understanding, trust and tolerance. To promote European integration within the spirit of new governance and through active participation to create awareness of true European citizenship.
•  To provide the opportunity to interns to put into practice knowledge acquired during their studies and training and in particular their specific areas of competence. To introduce these interns to the professional world and the constraints, duties and opportunities therein.

Europol, through its official internship scheme:
•  Benefits from the input of enthusiastic interns, who can give a fresh point of view and up-to-date academic and educational knowledge, which will enhance the everyday work of Europol;
•  Creates a pool of interns with first-hand experience of and training in Europol procedures, who will be better prepared to collaborate and co-operate with Europol in the future;
•  Creates long-term “goodwill ambassadors” for European ideas and values both within the European Union and outside.

The successful intern will join Europol’s Strategic Analysis Team (O52) responsible for providing strategic analysis support across the Operations Directorate to units and teams specialised on various crime areas and terrorism. The team is responsible for handling all strategic analysis requests addressed to Europol, and for drafting the main analytical products of the organisation.

The aim of the internship project is to assist the Analysts of the team with the design of the analysis products and preparation of communication materials.
The intern will be executing a variety of tasks, inter alia:
• Assisting in the preparation of communication materials, reports and other materials which are being published;
• Supporting the preparation and design of interactive presentations, as well as web design and creation of flyers, posters, templates for strategic analysis products;
• Collecting input for publications (sourcing images, etc.).

The successful applicant will join the internship project for a period of 6 months (40 hours a week). The internship will take place at the Europol premises in The Hague, The Netherlands.


1. The internship candidate must:
  a. Be a national of a Member State of the European Union;
  b. Have reached the age of majority in their country of origin;
  c. Have a level of education which corresponds to completed or ongoing university    studies or vocational training relevant for the tasks of Europol. Only diplomas issued by EU Member State authorities and diplomas recognised as equivalent by the relevant EU Member State bodies are accepted. If the main studies took place outside the European Union, the candidate’s qualification must have been recognised by a body delegated officially for the purpose by one of the European Union Member States (such as a national Ministry of Education) and a document proving this must also be mentioned in the application form (and later on submitted) to enable the Selection Committee to assess accurately the level of qualification;
  d. Have very good knowledge of at least two European Union languages, of which one should be English, the working language of Europol services;
  e. Provide a recent Certificate of Good Conduct prior to commencing the internship. An overview of relevant certificates for each of the Member States is available on the Europol website. The certificate is to be issued by the authorities of the Member State of which the intern is a national of. It may not be older than three months when presented to Europol. Europol may also accept a valid security clearance issued by a competent National Authority, which should be presented for validation to Europol prior to commencing the internship.

2. Europol wishes to offer to as many people as possible the opportunity of an internship in an EU agency/institution. Therefore applications will not be accepted from candidates who – for more than six weeks:
  f. Have already benefited or benefit from any kind of internship (formal or informal, paid or unpaid) within a European institution, agency or body, or
  g. Have had or have any kind of employment within a European institution, agency or body.

3. All interns who may be entrusted with a sensitive activity or access classified information at Europol shall be security cleared at the appropriate level, prior to commencing the internship.


a. Experience:
• Experience in graphic and/or web design, incl. study assignments;
• Creation and design of materials for effective communication;
• Development of interactive presentations;
• Content creation for internal and external publications (both print and web).
b. Subject knowledge/ education:
• Completed or on-going studies in the internship project or related areas (such as Graphic and/or Web Design, Audiovisual, Communications, Information Technologies or others);
• Knowledge of the functioning of the European Union and Europol’s role in fighting serious and organised crime, cybercrime and terrorism would be advantageous;
• Proficient user of design and presentation applications including Adobe CS suite products (Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign) and Prezi.
c. General competencies:
• Excellent communication skills in English;
• Proficient user of IT applications in general and Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook) and the internet;
• Motivation to take part in the project;
• Interpersonal skills with the ability to work well in a team as well as independently;
• Ability to work in an international and multi-cultural environment.


Each application for an internship at Europol shall be received by Europol, Human Resources Unit (HRU) respecting the closing date set. Only selected candidate will be required to provide official documents justifying the fulfilment of the requirements listed in section 4 (Selection criteria).

The selection will be carried out by a Selection Committee consisting of one representative of the HRU and at least one representative of each Directorate.
Applications for internships will be judged on merit, on the basis of the published selection criteria. Europol will keep, to the best level possible, gender balance and equilibrium between interns from the different Member States.


Interns meeting the eligibility criteria are awarded a MONTHLY MAINTENANCE GRANT of 808 EUR during the period of internship.
Interns receiving the grant and whose place of selection is more than 50 km from The Hague are entitled to the reimbursement of travel expenses incurred at the beginning and end of the internship.
All interns are insured by Europol against the risk of accident or death while present or having a link to Europol premises.
All interns must possess sickness insurance throughout the entire period of their internship. Interns are advised to take out a civil liability insurance.
Please consult the Decision of the Executive Director on Internships with regards to specificities of the financial matters.


Internships shall be granted for a minimum period of 3 months and a maximum period of 6 months.
No intern may serve beyond this 6-month period at Europol in the same or a similar capacity (i.e. a second internship). No person who has completed an internship at Europol will be accepted in the future for another internship.
The internship contract will be provided to the intern on the first day of the internship.
An intern placed at Europol shall be allocated a formal supervisor who will be responsible for his/her supervision whilst at Europol. This shall include the establishment of formal learning objectives and assessing these at the end of the placement.
The intern will be required to produce a final report on the internship period.
The internship will take place at Europol’s premise(s) in The Hague, The Netherlands.
Please refer to the Decision of the Executive Director on internships available on Europol’s website for further details on the internship related matters.
Deadline for application: 29 September 2019
Skype interviews: 2nd week of October 2019
Starting date of the internship project: 1 November 2019
If you would like to apply for this internship, please submit your application via the online e-recruitment tool.
For further details on the application process, please email



Privacy Notice
Regulation (EU) 2018/1725 applies to the processing of personal data carried out in the process of selection and recruitment of staff at Europol following the application of this Regulation to all administrative personal data held by Europol in accordance with Article 46 of the Europol Regulation.
Data controller
The controller of the processing operation upon your personal data is the Head of the HR Unit.
Purpose of the collection of data
The data submitted is processed in order to assess the suitability of candidates for a position at Europol as Temporary Agent (TA), Contract Agent (CA), intern or trainee, and to administrate the documentation related to the selection. The data collected in order to comply with this purpose are the ones required in the application form plus all data provided by the data subject in paper or electronic format.
Legal bases for processing personal data
The legal bases for the processing of personal data for TAs and CAs are:
• Staff Regulations of Officials and the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the European Communities (Title III Chapter 1) and their implementing rules;
• Management Board Decision laying down general implementing provisions on the procedures governing the engagement and the use of TAs at Europol of 30 July 2010;
• Management Board Decision laying down general implementing provisions on the procedures governing the engagement and the use of CAs at Europol of 13 October 2010.
The legal basis for the processing the personal data for interns is the Decision of the Europol Executive Director on Internships of 15 March 2018.
Recipients of the data
Recipients of the data for the positions of TAs and CAs are Europol staff employed in the Administration Department dealing with HR and financial matters, the members of the Selection Committee, the Deputy Executive Director Capabilities and the Executive Director.
Recipients of the data for interns are Europol staff employed in the Administration Department dealing with HR and financial matters, the Supervisor of the intern and its superior line management as well as respective colleagues involved in the selection process and the Deputy Executive Director Capabilities.
Data storage and retention
All documents provided to Europol will be kept in Europol’s files and will not be returned to the candidate. Applications of non-recruited candidates will be kept for a maximum of four years for TAs, CAs and interns. Data of non-recruited and Reserve List candidates will be kept for 4 years (duration of the Reserve List plus 2 years), counted from the date when the Outcome of the Internship Selection Procedure is approved by the Deputy Executive Director of Capabilities Directorate. Data of recruited candidates will be transferred to their personal file. Data of the selected interns will be kept for seven years after the finalisation of the internship programme.
Data stored in the e-recruitment tool might be further stored in HR electronic and paper files related to the selection procedure.
Rights as data subject
Candidates have the right to access, rectify, block and erase their personal data in accordance with the applicable data protection rules.

Contact in case of queries concerning the processing of personal data
Candidates have a right of recourse to the Europol Data Protection Officer (Europol - Data Protection Officer - Eisenhowerlaan 73, 2517KK The Hague, The Netherlands) and the European Data Protection Supervisor (
Kindly note that opposing to this processing operation will automatically exclude you from being considered for the recruitment and selection procedure.



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