Corporate identity

Europol's corporate, or visual, identity is the face and personality we present to the global community.

Our corporate identity underwent a redesign in 2010, to coincide with our change of status into a fully-fledged agency of the European Union.


The logo

Europol's logo consists of the logotype (Europol) and the symbol in front of it.

The symbol is an amalgamation of blue and yellow (EU colours) superimposed by three angular lines directed upwards. The angular lines are derived from a spider‘s web which represents exchange of information, networking and the cooperative nature of our work.

Europol logo symbol

At the same time each of the pieces that form the symbol in our logo fit together like a jigsaw and symbolise our core business - analysis. The upward direction of the points in the symbol signifies speed, progress, upward movement and precision. 

Europol logo symbolRequesting our logo

The logo is available in a number of configurations (colour, black and white, dia-positive). If you require our logo, please complete our Media Request form so that we can evaluate your request.