Human after all – Data Protection in Policing

18 - 19 October 2021
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7th EDEN Event on Data Protection in Law Enforcement

The human factor in data protection becomes more and more relevant in so many ways. Human intervention is an important safeguard not only when it comes to the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence including machine learning in law enforcement and beyond. Data protection will also only work on the ground if humans continue to believe in its added value. The human element is the building block of a healthy data protection culture in any organisation including in law enforcement. But sometimes things also go wrong. In the best case that is the moment when we can remind ourselves that we are all just humans, after all. In a bad scenario, humans have suffered serious impact on their fundamental right to data protection – or even worse.

We would like to debate these and many other exciting themes connected to data protection in the area of law enforcement with you and some of the most inspiring speakers on the planet.
The Europol Data Protection Experts Network (EDEN) is an online collaboration platform with the aim of involving stakeholders from various backgrounds e. g. law enforcement, representatives of relevant private parties, academia, NGOs, regulators, legislators etc. EDEN is a channel to present projects, best practices and events linked to data protection in a law enforcement context. 

Human after all – Data Protection in Policing


18 - 19 October 2021