I have been invited at Europol to take a written test and an interview, can I re-schedule the date and time of the test and/or interview?

Interview/written test

The organisation of the written tests and of the interviews is a huge logistical effort, involving a lot of internal and external people: booking of rooms, PCs, plane tickets, hotel rooms, sometime, if external Selection Committee members participate – make all the travel arrangements for them to be at Europol on the day of the selection procedure. Not to mention that in the same time several other procedures are taking place and the planning is done taking all these factors into account. So, we really appreciate if you can keep the day/ time slot that has been assigned in the invitation letter. Should really force majeure circumstances happen, we do have a bit of flexibility in terms of the time slots, but the days have to be respected. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation on this matter.