I have been shortlisted and invited for a written test and an interview, can you inform me about the content of the written test/interview?

Interview/written test

Both, the written test and the interviews are competency-based assessments, both held in English (unless otherwise specified) and they last usually 3 h -the written test and 30 min – the interview. They are a collection of situational judgement questions, based on situations that you would meet on your daily activity, should you get the job, as well as theoretical questions about your knowledge on the subject matter and scenarios regarding some of your general competencies (ability to draft a clear text for various audiences, keen eye for details, organisational skills, etc.). The interview is split in two parts: one regarding your general competencies and one regarding your technical knowledge. At the end of the interview you can ask the Selection Committee your questions; the same questions are asked to all the candidates; however you can expect also follow-up questions, based on your own answers.