Which crimes trigger the biggest operations?

As you may already suspect, the most dangerous crimes are of particular interest to us. We have made a list of ten crime areas to focus our efforts on - we call these our ‘priority crime areas’.

But how do we choose ten crime areas? We listen to what EU Member States want and need and analyse crime trends in the EU. It usually consists of crimes that require an international approach and cooperation between several countries, inside and outside the EU. These ten crime priorities shape how we work for the following four years. We call this EMPACT.

For 2018 - 2021, our ten crime priorities areas are:

  • cybercrime;
  • drug trafficking;
  • facilitating illegal immigration;
  • trafficking in human beings;
  • organised property crime;
  • illicit firearms trafficking;
  • excise and MTIC fraud;
  • environmental crime;
  • criminal finances and money laundering;
  • document fraud.