Frequently asked questions

Human Resources (HR)

  • Europol offers job opportunities under contracts as Temporary Agents (TAs) and Contract Agents (CAs).

    Available Temporary Agent posts may be non-restricted (open to all EU citizens) or restricted (open only to EU citizens who are members of a competent authority in the meaning of Article 2a) of the Europol Regulation). Europol also selects National Experts who are seconded by Member States, to specific fields of expertise.

    All applications must be submitted via our online recruitment system with the exception of the applications for Seconded National Expert posts that must be submitted by email via the Europol National Units.

    If you are a member of a competent authority and you are applying for a restricted or restricted annex II temporary agent post, you must ensure that being posted at Europol is in line with, and can be accommodated by, your administrative situation with your current employer. Should your application be successful, you will be required to provide evidence to that effect before you can take up the post.

    You must confirm in your application that you are currently employed by a competent authority. It is no longer necessary to provide a Europol National Unit (ENU) confirmation at the time of application. Europol will request the confirmation after the shortlisting and ONLY for shortlisted applicants. Applications submitted by other means (paper or e-mail) will not be accepted.

    In some cases, certain details of a vacancy notice will not be published for security reasons. In such cases, you should get in touch with your ENU to learn those details.

  • Yes; all non-restricted posts and the restricted-Annex II posts are open to all EU citizens.

  • So-called restricted Annex II posts may be filled without limitation to candidates coming from a competent authority, as stipulated in Annex II of the relevant decision of the Management Board of Europol of 13 December 2017. As a result, applications are invited from all EU citizens.

  • The eligibility requirement for temporary agent posts in category AD is to have a university degree. Depending on the profile (usually for IT, HR, Legal, Finance), we might indicate a certain preference for a specialisation in IT, law, business, HR or financial management, but this is not an eliminatory requirement.

  • No; EU citizenship is an eligibility criterion.

  • The Staff Regulations do not impose an age limit for a candidate who would like to apply for a vacancy at Europol – although they ‘have to be physically fit to perform the duties’ and would have to retire at pensionable age (66 years old if one entered the service on or after 01/01/2014).

  • The eligibility criteria need to be fulfilled; otherwise your application cannot be considered.
     Regarding the essential selection criteria:

    • if they are quantitative – for e.g. we ask at least 5 years of experience in a certain area and you only have  1 year of experience you can assume that the Selection Committee will consider those applicants who have at least the 5 years required.
    • if it’s a qualitative selection criterion that you doubt or might underestimate, you may consider applying and let the selection panel to assess it.

    As a rule, the candidates invited further for the selection procedure, fulfil all eligibility and essential selection criteria.

  • The written test and the interviews are competency-based assessments, both held in English unless otherwise specified. The written test usually has a duration of three hours; the interview typically lasts 30-45 minutes. During the assessment you will be asked a combination of competency-based and/or situational judgement questions, based on situations that you have encountered and/or would meet as part of your daily activities, should you be successful in the selection process, as well as theoretical questions about your knowledge on the subject matter and scenarios regarding some of your general competencies (ability to draft a clear text for various audiences, keen eye for details, organisational skills, etc.).

    The interview is split into two parts: one regarding your general competencies and one regarding your technical knowledge. At the end of the interview, you may ask the Selection Committee questions yourself. The same questions are asked to all the candidates. However, you can expect also follow-up questions, based on your own answers.

  • The organisation of the written tests and of the interviews is a significant logistical effort, involving many internal and external actors. It entails booking of rooms and equipment, together with travel and accommodation arrangements. Additional arrangements are required in the case of external Selection Committee members. Not to mention that in the same time several other procedures are taking place and the planning is done taking all these factors into account. So, we really appreciate if you can keep the day/ time slot that has been assigned to you in the invitation letter. In case of force majeure, there is some flexibility in relation to the time slots, but the days have to be respected. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation on this matter.

  • Before you attend the selection procedure, you are required to submit documentary evidence of education diplomas and proof of employment. At this stage, a scanned signed PDF sent electronically is enough. On the day of the written test, however, you should bring with you either the originals – so we can certify the copies and return the originals– or officially certified copies that we get to keep.

  • Yes, please see our travel reimbursement rules that are attached to the Europol Recruitment Guidelines (Annex C, page 16).

  • It means that within the next 2 years, you are eligible to receive a job offer from Europol for the post you applied for or for a similar position, should the business opportunity arise. It is not an obligation for Europol to employ you and also you are not obliged to accept if you are unhappy with the terms and conditions of a similar vacancy.

  • On our website and on LinkedIn; also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn!

    • Analyse before applying: make sure you fulfil the eligibility and the selection criteria, but also make sure you are actually interested in the opportunity.
    • Invest some time in writing your application: be accurate with the dates, give pertinent information, make sure that there is a connection between what we are looking for and what you can offer.
    • If you are invited, prepare for the interview and for the written test: read again the requirements, brush up on your technical knowledge, and prepare various examples from your experience that demonstrate the required competencies. And have all the required papers in order! Be on time!
  • Currently Europol has 1294 staff members (staff with employment contracts with Europol, Liaison officers from Member States and third states and organisations, Seconded National Experts, trainees and contractors), 33% of which are female and 67% male.

  • No, we do not send newsletters. We advise you to check our website regularly in order to be informed about the latest job postings. 

  • Specialized assessment centres are carried out for candidates invited to the interview with the Executive Director and other panel members for middle and senior management posts (AD9 to AD15). It typically lasts one day and takes place before the interview.