Creative production support

How can Europol help you with your creative project?

Europol receives numerous requests from broadcasters, production companies and writers who want us to feature in their programmes, series documentaries and novels.

Requests for access range from long-term documentary proposals, interview requests with Europol officers or research/background discussion on specific cases for factual authenticity. 

Europol is happy to support the creative industry as we believe that such projects can inform, educate and put into context the work of international policing.

Do you want to present us your project? Please send us a message and our press office will be back in touch shortly to discuss how we can be of assistance.

The list below shows examples where Europol is somehow part of the plot in a TV series, film, theatre play or book.

  • The 2017 film The Fox tells the story of Europol agent Simon Fox who investigates a secret post-war resistance organisation called ‘Gladio’  and which threatens to turn the Netherlands into a police state.
  • The Team is a 2015 European crime drama television series that first premiered on 22 February 2015 on DR in Denmark. The series follows a number of national police agencies, working through the framework of Europol, to attempt to solve a series of cross-border murders. Among others, the team is primarily headed by Danish homicide detective Harald Bjørn (Lars Mikkelsen), Belgian homicide detective Alicia Verbeek (Veerle Baetens), and German Federal Criminal Police superintendent Jackie Müller (Jasmin Gerat).
  • In the 2004 film Ocean’s Twelve, Catherine Zeta-Jones plays Europol agent Isabel Lahiri. In an interview about the film and her research, which included a visit to Europol in The Hague, Catherine Zeta-Jones said “It’s very good to know that Europol agents wear red leather to work. When I was first researching the character I didn’t think of red leather and it really helped in my characterisation”.