16 members of the United Tribuns Nomads street gang arrested in Spain

24 January 2020
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This international gang is known for spreading their violent messages through social media, where the members of the ring are connected to other extremist groups. The arrests are part of a broad international organisation composed of over 1 700 members worldwide linked to drug trafficking and sexual exploitation of women.

The Spanish National Police (Policía Nacional) in cooperation with the German Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt) and supported by Europol arrested 16 individuals of this violent street gang for trafficking drugs in Spain. The investigation began when the police officers detected a nightclub on the Spanish island of Mallorca, following similar clubs in the country, where some of their members worked in the security teams, which helped the gang to hide their illegal drug activity. The control of the drug market in the area where they set up the nightclub led them to violent confrontations with other criminal drug traffickers operating on the island. 

Criminals impersonated police officers to steal from rival drug traffickers

The investigations reveal that the criminals would not hesitate to impersonate police officers to stop and steal the substances trafficked by other criminal gangs, using violence or intimidation using several firearms.

The structure of this organisation was similar to the one used by other well-known biker groups, such as Hells Angels or Satudarah: each member has a role and they customise their physical appearance with rituals, leather vests, military patches or tattoos. The profits earned by carrying out their illegal activities were used to fund extreme right-wing groups, especially Hooligans and Neo-Nazis. 

A chem lab discovered during the searches

During the 18 searches carried out, the police officers found out a chemistry lab where the criminals produced ketamine. Several chemical products, obtained in central Europe, were seized. Thanks to this action, the police were able to stop the 1.5 litres of a liquid made by amphetamine. Cocaine, marijuana and anabolic substances were also seized during the searches, alongside diverse police equipment and GPS beacons to check up on rival criminal organisations.

Europol supported the Spanish National Police in this operation by deploying two mobile offices for on-the-spot support during the action days.