6 vehicles, 11 properties and 32 bank accounts seized in joint action

04 May 2018
News Article
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Italian Finance Corps (Pisa and Naples Units) has seized the assets of 11 Italian nationals residing in Germany, Italy and Spain.

The seizures were requested by the Court of Madrid in agreement with the Italian Judicial Authority in Naples and are taking place in the provinces of Milan, Naples, Pescara and Rome.

This action represents a further step against an organised crime group active in Italy and Spain involved in drug trafficking from South America, Morocco and the Netherlands. The extensive investigation, also targeting the laundering of the illegal profits, has been developed in synergy between Germany, Italy and Spain with the support of Europol and Eurojust. The core action day took place in July 2016, with extensive presence from police and law enforcement agencies, as well as technical and specialist support by Europol. As a result of the coordinated operation 35 people were arrested, over 1 ton of drugs were seized, bank accounts were blocked and assets totalling EUR 8 million were seized.

The assets currently in law enforcement possession (worth over EUR 1.5 million) include 6 vehicles, 11 properties, , 32 bank accounts and shares of 2 companies.

Europol and the Spanish Guardia Civil are providing on-the-spot support in Italy in their capacity as observers to the action days.