Blow the final whistle on Europe’s Most Wanted Fugitives

11 July 2018
Press Release
Press Release/News
Twenty-five dangerous criminals on the run play in this one-time crime league

Just when you thought you would miss football after tonight’s semi-finals, European law enforcement is launching its very own competition. Twenty-five dangerous criminals on the run from police have entered Europe’s Most Wanted Cup in a bid to become as well-known as some of the real players. The more people see their faces, the higher the chances that they will be arrested. The game kicks off tomorrow morning, Thursday 12 July 2018 at 8:00 CET, here

The goal

This newest campaign from the European Network of Fugitive Active Search Teams (ENFAST) supported by Europol only has one goal (pun intended): to familiarise European citizens with the faces of some of Europe’s Most Wanted criminals as much as possible. If you know what they look like, you might recognise them and your tip could be that last missing piece of the puzzle for police to catch them.

It’s not really an honour to play in this league because each and every one of these players has earned their spot in this dedicated crime squad. More than half of the listed criminals are wanted by police for murder, the others for large-scale drug trafficking, armed robbery, fraud or a combination of the above.

The game

There are 25 players on this special pitch, wanted by the law enforcement authorities from 23 European countries. At the start of the game, the field will be empty. Starting from tomorrow morning at 8:00 CET, national law enforcement authorities and Europol will share different codes through their social media channels. You need these codes to unlock the cards of the criminals/players on the field. The ninth and final code will be shared on Saturday morning, 14 July 2018, and will allow you the complete the team, before blowing the final whistle on the crime squad. More details on how to play the game can be found on the website.

The score

These criminals are all featured in Europe’s Most Wanted website, that currently includes over 50 fugitives. Experience has taught us that a more original tone is needed to attract visitors to this website. Maintaining a high number of visitors is important to increase the chance of putting these criminals behind bars.

The previous large-scale campaigns have led to six arrests: three from the Christmas campaign in December 2016 and three from the summer postcards in August 2017. In total at least 17 dangerous criminals featured on Europe’s Most Wanted have been caught thanks to crucial tips from the general public.

If you want to play this game, visit and look for the codes to unlock the criminals on the social media accounts of your national police and/or Europol.