Criminals arrested for domestic burglaries following French-Moldovan operation supported by Europol

19 April 2017
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Europol has delivered crucial support to France and Moldova in dismantling a mobile organised crime group composed of Moldovan nationals specialised in domestic burglaries in the region of Alsace, France.

Simultaneous judicial operations were carried out in 17 locations in the region of Strasbourg and in Moldova. Europol deployed specialists on-the-spot, who supported the national authorities and performed live crosschecks using the mobile office.

As a result, 4 individuals were arrested in France. In Moldova, 5 persons were taken in for hearings in relation to the activities of the group.

More than 140 construction tools and various materials used for drilling and sanding – originating from burglaries committed in the Bas-Rhin department – were discovered during the house searches in France and Moldova.

Following the arraignment, 3 people were charged and imprisoned, including the head of the network, an individual with a long criminal record in both France and Moldova. 

The criminal network sold part of the stolen goods in Alsace, while the remainder was shipped by road to Moldova and sold there with the help of accomplices.

Since this investigation was initiated by the French authorities eight months ago, 52 burglaries have been formally detected in the department of Bas-Rhin.

Europol has provided significant support to the authorities since the initiation of the investigation. Two operational meetings between French and Moldovan authorities were facilitated and financed by Europol. Moreover, the agency supported the deployment of French and Moldovan investigators in each other’s jurisdictions during the action days.

Other related investigations are currently ongoing.