Croatian national police supported by Europol arrested a high value Albanian speaking target involved in an international drugs trade

14 September 2016
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The Croatian National Police in cooperation with its respective counterparts in Germany, Austria, Slovenia and with the support of Europol have arrested a Croatian national and a well-known leader of an Albanian speaking Organised Criminal Group suspected of international drug trafficking.

The investigation, known as Operation BORDERLINE/OTO, lasted several months and allowed investigators to locate the stash-houses in Zagreb, Croatia where the main suspect hid the illicit substance. The final action took place on 10th September 2016 when 5 house searches were carried out and a total of 37.7 kg of marijuana, 4.5 kg of heroin and 6.8 kg of cutting agents used to adulterate illicit drugs were recovered.  Additional 5 kilograms of marijuana were recovered after an associate of the main suspect was arrested last week.
The operation revealed that the main suspect was obtaining large quantities of marijuana, heroin and cutting agents, which were hidden and prepared for the further distribution in several locations and stash houses in Croatia. The suspect was a well-known to the Croatian Police and the foreign counterparts for his international criminal activities in the past.     
Europol’s Top Organised Crime Groups Team has supported the investigation from the early phase by providing the platform for the investigators to meet and exchange operational data.  With the help of the analysis performed by analysts at Europol it was possible to provide investigators in the above-mentioned countries with enough information to stir their investigative efforts in the right direction.