Euro counterfeiting ring successfully dismantled in Spain

15 October 2019
Press Release/News

Under the direction of the Spanish authorities, and with the support of Europol, 8 arrests by the National Police (Policía Nacional) took place last week in the Lavapies neighbourhood of Madrid. The suspects, the majority of them Senegalese nationals, are believed to have distributed counterfeit €50 banknotes throughout Spain.

The Spanish National Police request the assistance of Europol in this euro counterfeiting case, after the investigation that the individuals under surveillance regularly travelled to Italy. Earlier on, the Spanish National Police had also intercepted a package addressed to the ringleader containing €15 000 worth in counterfeit €50 banknotes.

The content of this package, coming from Italy, was intended to be distributed in the cities of Barcelona and Madrid. 

Over 60 police officers were involved in the action day. Europol deployed a mobile office to Madrid, allowing for the real-time crosschecking of the information against the Agency’s databases.