European EOD Network (EEODN) Conference and Training - Warsaw, Poland 25-28 October 2011

31 October 2011
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Bomb technicians, CBRN experts and investigators from 25 EU countries, Australia, Colombia, Norway and the USA (ATF and FBI) participated in a conference and worked together in a specialised training to increase their expertise and knowledge on how to deal with the threat coming from improvised explosive devices (IEDs), used by terrorists and organised crime networks.

Among other activities, the participants were updated on recent attacks involving the use of home-made explosives (HME) and IEDs. They worked together on improving techniques to render safe improvised explosive devices, sharing their invaluable experience gained worldwide in three different continents. Specialists from the Polish Police showed their expertise and the delegates from the participating countries had the chance to work with the state of the art equipment of their Polish colleagues.

This training was made possible through outstanding cooperation between the Polish Authorities and Europol, coupled with co–funding from the Commission (Directorate General of Home Affairs).

The European Explosive Ordnance Disposal Network (EEODN) is one of the European Union’s priority policies in the fight against terrorism. Through the EEODN, Europol continues to enhance and develop knowledge in the field of explosives and chemical, biological, radiological/nuclear (CBRN) security, by facilitating the sharing of best practices among EU experts. The EEODN was established as requested in the EU Action Plan on Enhancing the Security of Explosives, and was approved by the EU JHA Ministers in April 2008. Since then, EOD and CBRN experts have met twice a year to discuss and understand the existing threats from the illicit use of explosives and CBRN agents.

During this Conference, an important agreement was made in order to implement Action H38 of the EU CBRN Action Plan, by fully integrating the fight against the CBRN threat into the network goals, and creating two specialised working groups: one for Explosives and another for CBRN. Both working groups will continue exchanging their expertise and best practices under the common umbrella of the EEODN, which amended its protocol to reflect these changes.