European Jewish Congress and Europol Discuss Opening Channels in Areas of Mutual Concern

08 September 2015
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A European Jewish Congress delegation met in The Hague with Europol Management Board Chairperson Mr. Gennaro Capoluongo and Mr. Manuel Navarrete, Head of the Counter Terrorism Department of Europol, the European Union's law enforcement agency, to discuss the rise in violent attacks of terrorism against the Jewish community in Europe.

"It is vital that we work in close proximity with EU Member States and Europol as the EU's law enforcement agency," Dr. Moshe Kantor, President of the EJC, said. "Religious radicalism and terrorism is not just a problem for Jews, but also a problem for Europe and European society, and we are delighted that the issue is being met with the degree of seriousness it warrants by those involved in law enforcement. It is important that we work together to stamp out this growing threats."

The goals of the meeting included, for the EJC, to get acquainted with the working areas of Europol which are relevant to ensuring the security of European Jewry, and to create and define a regular dialogue between Europol and the EJC, especially with its security agency, the SACC (Security and Crisis Center).

The SACC is an initiative of the EJC which assists Jewish communities in Europe to prepare and apply local community crisis plans, which will enable them to face and handle various crisis situations, and terror attacks, in coordination with local authorities.

Rob Wainwright, Director of Europol, said: "In cooperation with EU Member States' law enforcement authorities, Europol is committed to monitoring the criminal activities of radicalists and terrorists that target vulnerable groups in Europe such as the Jewish community. We will work closely to develop plans and activities to prevent violent attacks, and this subject will be one of the main topics of this year's forthcoming European Police Chiefs Convention."

The EJC, as the democratically-elected representative organization of European Jewry, is raising the awareness of growing radicalization within Europe, especially that which is targeting Jewish life, as its current paramount mission.