Europol and EU citizens fighting cybercrime together on Data Protection Day

27 January 2012
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Today cybercrime and data protection experts from across the EU came together to mark the coming European Data Protection Day, exchanging insight into the evolving threat of cybercrime, in particular identity theft.

Identity theft is big business. Personal and financial data stolen online is sold in the underground economy, and is misused by criminal organisations all over the world. Europol’s Cyber Crime Centre supports Member States in investigations which target these cybercriminal groups, and works with key cybersecurity stakeholders in governments, industry and the academic world to disrupt their activities.

But you too can play an important part in making the Internet safer. Protecting your data from hackers and fraudsters does not just save you the inconvenience of having to change passwords and cancel payment cards. It also helps in the fight against organised crime and terrorism.

Europol’s Cyber Crime Centre and Data Protection Office have produced a handy leaflet with tips to help you protect your data and prevent identity theft. You can find it here. Sharing it with your family, friends and colleagues will help to protect them, too.