Europol and EULEX enhance cooperation

10 April 2012
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Facilitated by Europol’s Regional Support Officers (RSOs), on 27 March Europol hosted a meeting with representatives from the EU Rule of Law Mission (EULEX) in the Kosovo region.

This initiative, which stems from previous activities carried out in February and March in the framework of the European External Action Service (EEAS), complemented efforts to strengthen ties between Europol and EU police missions in the fight against serious organised crime and terrorism.

EULEX, which is the only EU police mission with executive powers, was represented by the head of their Intelligence Unit (EUOCI) and by a member of their Counter Terrorism Unit (CTIO).

The event, which saw a significant number of specialists participating from Europol projects, allowed for open discussion on subjects of common interest, with the aim of enhancing information flow between the organisations.

The meeting resulted in the drawing up of a number of agreed conclusions to facilitate cooperation and strengthen the relationship between Europol and EULEX.