Europol coordinated operation targets distribution of child sexual abuse material

23 August 2016
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The Europol coordinated Operation Daylight targeting those responsible for distributing child sexual abuse material has led to 611 intelligence packages being disseminated through Europol to EU Member States and third parties.  This EMPACT-CYBER-Child Sexual Exploitation operational action has resulted in 207 criminal investigations being opened among these countries and 75 persons being arrested or convicted at this point. EMPACT, the European Multidisciplinary Platform Against Criminal Threats, is the EU’s mechanism for delivering operational actions and strategic planning against different crime threats.

The action was planned and executed by law enforcement agencies across the European Union to focus on those distributing child sexual abuse material using online networks.  Those networks continue to be a primary source for persons with a sexual interest in children who are seeking child sexual abuse and exploitation material online.  Europol received intelligence from the Federal Police of Switzerland (fedpol) in an action planned under the EMPACT framework for 2015 and distributed intelligence packages through its secure systems to Member States and Third Countries.  The resulting police actions, investigations and prosecutions are ongoing in many of the countries with results still being reported.

Steven Wilson, Head of EC3  stated “The targeting of those involved and interested in child sexual abuse and exploitation material is a key part of the work of EC3 and of the support we provide to the Member States and Third Countries.  We know that individuals are abusing online platforms and networks to distribute child sexual abuse material and we are determined to target them and bring them to justice.  This EMPACT action which Europol coordinated is an excellent example of the international cooperation that is successfully achieving those aims.”