Europol Director puts Organised Crime on the Davos agenda

28 February 2011
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The Hague, the Netherlands

Following discussions at the Davos summit, the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Organised Crime has published a three-page document on the international organised crime situation.

"The DNA of international organised crime has changed. The criminal enterprises of today represent a multibillion dollar set of networks that prey on every aspect of global society, distorting markets, corrupting governments, and draining huge resources from both," says Europol Director, Rob Wainwright, who chairs the ‘Global Agenda Council on Organised Crime’. The thirteen other members of the council are international high level experts with backgrounds in academia, public administration, journalism and police.

During his stay in Davos, Rob Wainwright was a speaker along with the president of Colombia, the head of UNODC at a session focusing on ‘Criminals Without Borders’. This gave a first opportunity to explore the most recent findings and thoughts on organised crime and its impact on society.

Mr Wainwright also met with leading experts from the internet security sector.

"The extremely rapid development of communication technologies and e–commerce makes it more important than ever to establish public and private partnerships, otherwise we will never be able to tackle cybercrime effectively. We also have to consider ways in which internet user communities can contribute to the fight against cybercrime," he said.

The main topics for The Global Agenda Council on Organised Crime in the near future will include regional mapping of main organised crime trends and criminal infiltration of legitimate business.