Europol organises fifth edition of training course on payment card fraud

12 July 2019
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Today took place the closing ceremony of the 5th edition of the Europol Training Course on Payment Card Fraud Forensics and Investigations, hosted by the Spanish National Police Academy in Avila, Spain. More than 250 international students have attended this Programme since its first edition in 2015.

During the whole week, the training has gathered 53 investigator, forensics experts and accredited trainers from 25 EU Member States and third parties (Colombia, Moldova and United States) who attended sessions and workshops on a wide range of topics in the area of  payment fraud, such as online skimming, logical attacks on ATMs, card data analysis, cryptocurrencies, social engineering attacks or loyalty card fraud.

Additionally, Europol staff presented an update on the different joints actions that regularly are conducted in coordination with the national authorities and the private sector, as well the services, products and solutions that Europol can provide to support national investigations.
Once more, the training was supported by the private industry with the participation of representatives of agencies and companies which play a key role in the fight against card payment fraud such as EAST, Diebold Nixdorf, VISA, American Express, Loyalty Fraud Prevention Association, Western Union, Uber and Santander Bank.

This kind of events show how the close cooperation between public and private sector, the continuous training, the update on the investigative techniques and the improvement of  forensic capabilities, is the only possible way to succeed in the fight against cybercrime and especially to confront, in an effective manner, all the emerging threats in the field of payment card fraud.