Europol supports Europe-wide crackdown on cocaine-trafficking Balkan Organised Crime Group

01 March 2016
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The Croatian Police in cooperation with its respective counterparts in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands and with the support of Europol have arrested 13 suspects belonging to a Balkan Organised Crime Group responsible for importing large amounts of cocaine from South America to Europe through the Netherlands.

The investigation, known as Operation DANUBE, lasted several months and allowed investigators to locate the stash-house where two Croatian citizens residing in the Netherlands hid the substance.

From this location, the substance was then sold to buyers in Austria, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Operation DANUBE revealed that in 12 separate instances, the suspects sold approximately 34 kg of cocaine, 7.7 of which have been seized in 6 separate operations in Croatia, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands.

The above mentioned investigation allowed for the identification and subsequent arrest of a total of 13 suspects: 6 Croatian, 5 Austrian and 2 Serbian nationals.

Europol was instrumental in providing the platform for the investigators to meet and exchange operational data. With the help of the analysis performed by analysts at Europol it was possible to provide investigators in the above mentioned countries with enough information to steer their investigative efforts in the right direction.