Europol supports France throughout the EURO 2016 tournament

07 June 2016
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As teams prepare to go out on the pitch, Europol is working with the French authorities to ensure a safe 2016 UEFA European championship.

In a bid to enhance public protection and provide concrete support for Member States, Europol has deployed staff from all its core operational units to the International Police Cooperation Centre (IPCC) to help detect potential threats of terrorism and serious organised crime (pickpocketing, counterfeiting, etc.).

Alongside 200 other police officers from all participating countries, Europol staff deployed to the IPCC will help their French counterparts to secure the four-week event by facilitating the real-time exchange of critical data, allowing police in the field to quickly identify potential perpetrators.

Rob Wainwright, Director of Europol, explains: “As President Hollande has recently stated, we have to consider the possibility of an attack during this event but the French authorities have taken immense measures to secure the event. They have one of the best security systems in Europe and Europol will be right there to support them wherever possible. The Euro 2016 has to be a festive event for millions of people throughout Europe.”