German Minister of Interior for Lower Saxony visits Europol

22 September 2016
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Yesterday, Rob Wainwright, Director of Europol, hosted the visit of Boris Pistorius, German Minister of Interior for Lower Saxony, at Europol’s headquarters in The Hague. Mr Pistorius was briefed on Europol’s activities and, in particular, those of the three European centres established at Europol: the European Counter Terrorism Centre (ECTC), the European Migrant Smuggling Centre (EMSC) and European Cybercrime Centre (EC3). During his visit, Mr Pistorius also met with the German liaison officers stationed at Europol.

After their meeting in The Hague, Boris Pistorius and Rob Wainwright issued the following joint statement: "Since the signing of the Schengen agreement, we have had common EU external borders whilst, at the same time, 28 different national security architectures to tackle the challenges that face our domestic policies. Hence the strong need for a transnational policy solution in Europe, and the need to enforce and strengthen the resources of a strong and common European security authority – such as Europol. This will be the best way to face the challenges of international crime such as cybercrime, organised crime and terrorism".