Improved cooperation between Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERT) and EU Law Enforcement Agencies

18 November 2013
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Press Release/News

In the beginning of October, Europol organised with ENISA a 3rd joint workshop on improving Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERT)-LEA cooperation in the EU. The main aim of this initiative is to get those two communities to work more closely together both at the strategic and operational level and to foster, improve and assist each other in fulfilling their tasks more efficiently.

Some main priorities were drawn up such as:

  • Legal Basis: How accommodating and flexible are the current and future legislations for mutual needs
  • Identified Partners: Who are the contact points and how to reach them
  • Trust: How to further enhance trust between the two communities
  • Mutual training: How can each community teach/learn from one another
  • Exchange Capabilities: Tools and services in use and interoperability. What is working and needs to be improved
  • Procedures: What kind of procedures/checklists are already available and how can they be improved
  • Timing: CERTs and LEA have different time constraints that each party has to integrate in their expectations.

This year’s focus was on automating information exchange between the communities.

A brief report of the public part of the workshop is available on ENISA's website.