International criminal network involved in synthetic drug trafficking dismantled

18 December 2017
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On 12 December 2017, a coordinated international operation supported by Eurojust and Europol took down an organised crime group (OCG) involved in the production and trafficking of drugs and psychotropic substances and in money laundering.

The law enforcement and judicial authorities of Iceland, the Netherlands and Poland carried out joint operations against this organised crime groupconsisting mainly of Polish nationals. The operations were coordinated via a Coordination Centre established at Eurojust with the active participation of Europol. As a result of these operations, 8 suspects were arrested, 30 locations were searched and different types of drugs seized. Moreover, cash and other assets (such as cars, apartments and bank accounts) in excess of EUR 1,8 million were seized. The high value of asset seizure is also the result of the simultaneous financial investigations, initiated from the beginning of the case and targeting the proceeds of crime.

These successful joint operations are the result of the continuing and fruitful cooperation amongst the law enforcement and judicial authorities of Iceland, the Netherlands and Poland, facilitated by Eurojust and Europol.

Over the last twelve months, Eurojust and Europol organised several operational meetings to ensure the coordination of parallel investigations opened in Iceland, the Netherlands and Poland against this crime group. Eurojust also facilitated the simultaneous execution of mutual legal assistance requests and European Arrest Warrants, and the development of coordinated strategies for the joint operations. Europol provided in-depth operational analysis and supported the joint operations by deploying mobile offices on the ground and participating in the Eurojust’s Coordination Centres.