INTERPOL and Europol establish new communications link for secure information exchange

20 December 2011
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A new network connection has been established between INTERPOL and Europol, enabling the secure
exchange of information between the two law enforcement organizations.

The interconnection of the two organizations’ computer networks via a secure link, one of the elements of
a Memorandum of Understanding signed by INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble and Europol
Director Rob Wainwright in October, provides a technical foundation for the further development and sharing of
services in the future.

The heads of the organizations became the first individuals to exchange messages via the secure link to
mark its launch today, Tuesday.

“Current operational cooperation between Europol and INTERPOL rests on a solid basis and this new
secure link will undoubtedly strengthen the alliance between our two organizations. It will ensure an even more
powerful response for the international law enforcement community, ultimately enhancing our capabilities, and
those of our respective Member States, to tackle international crime and terrorism.” said Rob Wainwright,
Director of Europol.

The creation of the secure communication line between INTERPOL and Europol is the most recent in a
series of initiatives aiming to enhance and streamline cooperation between the two organizations, efforts which
Secretary General Noble said are essential in helping preserve European and global security.

“INTERPOL will continue to work closely with Europol to identify other areas where both organizations
can bring added value to our member countries, and the creation of this secure communications link is an
important step in this endeavour,” said Mr Noble.

“As law enforcement faces increasing pressures with limited budgets, we need to remain innovative in
identifying ways where we can work more effectively with the resources we have in tackling all forms of crime,”
added the head of INTERPOL.

Since the signing of the first cooperation agreement between INTERPOL and Europol in 2001, a wide
range of joint activities have been implemented aimed at facilitating and simplifying the exchange of operational
and strategic crime information, to combat a range of criminal activities including maritime piracy, counterterrorism, cybercrime and child sexual exploitation.