An Offer He Couldn’t Refuse - Member of Italian COSA NOSTRA arrested in Germany

08 May 2018
Press Release
Press Release/News

On 7 May, following a joint investigation under the umbrella of Europol, and coordinated by the Italian State Police (Central Operations Service, Police HQ Catania and Adrano), with the collaboration of the German Law Enforcement Authorities, Polizei Darmstadt, one of the most important fugitives in Italy and member of the Italian Crime Syndicate COSA NOSTRA, the so-called  "Cola tri piedi", was arrested in Biebesheim (Germany).

The dangerous fugitive was wanted by the Italian authorities because of his involvement in several crimes and because of his mafia affiliation (belonging to the Scalisi clan – Criminal organization of the mafia family Laudani of Catania). An European Arrest Warrant (EAW) was issued against him for mafia association with the aggravating circumstance of being armed association, drugs trafficking, extortion, robbery, receiving stolen goods, crimes relating to weapons, damage caused by fire, with the aggravating circumstance of having committed the offense in the name and on behalf of the mafia-type association called the Scalisi clan and in order to facilitate illicit activities.

The arrest is the result of a fruitful exchange of information between Europol, the Italian and German police and it represents the first result of the "Eurosearch" project, initiated by the Central Operations Service, which locate and captures dangerous mafia fugitives targets in Europe. Europol supported the investigation by providing analytical and operational support and by organising a dedicated operational meeting at its headquarter in The Hague.