Operation Trivium strikes again: Five years targeting mobile organised crime groups

30 November 2018
Press Release
Press Release/News
  • Joint operation in four EU Member States: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Lithuania, coordinated by the Dutch National Police
  • Several hits led to further investigations by the German and Lithuanian authorities
  • The operation was coordinated from Europol’s Coordination Centre

Between 14 and 16 November 2018, law enforcement authorities from four EU Member States (the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Lithuania), coordinated by the Dutch National Police and with the support of Europol, carried out the fifth edition of operation Trivium targeting mobile organised crime groups (MOCGs) and their infrastructure across the EU. Europol hosted and coordinated the operation from the Coordination Centre, which was set up at Europol’s headquarters in The Hague with Dutch, German and Lithuanian authorities deployed to Europol and the Belgian authorities joining remotely. During the operation, police checked 350 people and over 130 vehicles in participating countries, which resulted in more than 40 hits and over 50 arrests.

The multi-agency operation Trivium, launched in 2013, aims to tackle foreign national offenders who use the EU’s road network with a specific focus on disrupting criminality. Since the beginning, this operation has enjoyed growth and success across several operations. So far 58 746 vehicles have been checked and 36 997 activities carried out. Furthermore, this operation enhances road safety and the levels of trust and confidence in local communities by delivering law enforcement and educational activities – such as road traffic controls on personal and freight vehicles – which are designed to tackle criminality.