Spanish Guardia Civil dismantles an organised crime group involved in the cultivation, processing and trafficking of marijuana

08 May 2017
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In the operation, supported by Europol and the Croatian National Police, the Spanish Guardia Civil arrested 10 people and carried out 5 houses searches. Four marijuana plantations were dismantled alongside 900 plants and EUR 8 000 euros in cash and a vehicle were seized.

The involved organised crime group was of Croatian origin and was well organised, with a history of drug trafficking and specialised in this type of indoor marijuana plantations. They were operating in Spain and cultivated, harvested and processed the marijuana before it was transferred to northern European countries for further sale and distribution.

The investigations have been supported by Europol and the Drug Division of the Criminal Police Directorate of the Croatian National Police. A Europol officer with a mobile office was deployed on the spot during the operation.

The arrested members of the organised crime group are of Croatian, Swiss, Bosnian and Spanish citizenship. The house searches were carried out in the province of Barcelona, where the organisation had well equipped facilities for the indoor cultivation of marijuana. Investigations began in November 2016, as a result of the international collaboration between the Croatian and Spanish police authorities.

The operation, led by the investigating judge from Manresa (Barcelona), was carried out by the Organized Crime Team of the Central Operative Unit of the Spanish Guardia Civil with headquarters in Alicante.