Streamlining cross-border cooperation: a new online tool for law enforcement

06 June 2018
News Article
Press Release/News

A new online tool is to be launched to improve cross-border law enforcement cooperation at the Council of Europe on 6 June.
The online manual – designed for and restricted to law enforcement and international judiciary– will help make so-called controlled deliveries of illicit commodities, such as drugs and firearms, more efficient.

Controlled deliveries allow illicit or suspect packages to pass through one or more countries under the supervision of the authorities of the countries involved. By tracking these deliveries, law enforcement aim to investigate the offence and fully identify the persons involved to increase arrests of criminals, dismantle organised crime groups and seize illegal goods.

Although systems like this have been in place for many years already, they have not always worked as planned, as law enforcement officials in one country may not be in contact with the correct officials in another, or inadequate information on coercive measures in another country prevents the system from working properly.

The Council of Europe’s drug policy network – the Pompidou Group – initiated the creation of the handbook in cooperation with Eurojust, Europol, Interpol, OSCE, SELEC and the Council of Europe’s PC-OC Committee.

By providing information to law enforcement and the judiciary in an easily accessible and constantly updated online format, the handbook will enhance cooperation across borders and improve the international coordination required to carry out controlled delivery schemes effectively.