Successful Study Visit of delegates from Bosnia-Herzegovina to Europol

10 November 2011
News Article
Press Release/News

Facilitated by the Regional Support Officer for South East Europe, a delegation of high-level Police officers from Bosnia-Herzegovina was hosted at Europol on 7 and 8 November for a Study Visit financed by TAIEX.

The visitors, who represented the three components of the territory of Bosnia Herzegovina, Republika Serpska, the Bosnian Federation and the Brcko District, were provided with an intensive program on Europol under the current legal framework, the new internal reorganisation and its key functionalities and capabilities.

The program, which had been carefully tailored to the needs of the visitors, was comprehensive d and facilitated by a broad spectrum of Europol representatives. Particular focus was on Europol strategy towards South East Europe and the Western Balkans and the operational projects currently covering the region.

Introducing the role of the Regional Units and the Regional Support Officer were among the Europol priorities for this visit, the aim of which was to provide clear guidance with a view to increased co-operation with Bosnia-Herzegovina in the working activities of Europol.

At the end of the study visit the delegates expressed their satisfaction for the positive outcome of the event, which highly facilitated their understanding of Europol and its functionalities and expressed their desire to enhance their working relationships with Europol.

Before their departure from The Hague, the Croatian ELO welcomed the delegation from Bosnia-Herzegovina in his office and provided them with a live demonstration on the practical use relevant tools and the key liaison functions at Europol.