Suspect arrested in Spain for illegal possession and trafficking of firearms

08 July 2016
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This News/Press release is about Illicit firearms trafficking

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On June 2016, the Spanish National Police arrested with the support of Europol a suspect for illegal possession and illegal trafficking in firearms. Over a hundred weapons – most of them live firing ones, were seized in the suspect's house in Gordexola (Spain). A number of Expansion firearms, which do not comply with EU security standards, were also seized on that same occasion.

During the course of the action day, the Spanish National Police uncovered a clandestine workshop at the suspect's residence, fully equipped to manufacture homemade firearms. Large amounts of ammunition were seized, alongside silencers, modified firearms, knives and gun powder to manufacture ammunition. The suspect obtained weapons from armouries located outside of Spain which he then imported illegal through postal mail.

Intelligence analysis provided by Europol's Focal Point Firearms helped the Spanish National Police identify the suspect. Information gathered during the operation will now analysed by Europol in order to identify potential transnational links.