Trace An Object initiative expands to the Asia Pacific region

03 March 2021
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Help the Australian Police identify every day object to trace the victims of child sexual abuse

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) is launching today its own version of the Europol ‘Stop Child Abuse - Trace An Object’ public appeal to help identify more children victim of sexual abuse.

A total of nine non-confrontational details of images extracted from child sexual abuse cold cases are being made public today by the AFP, such as piece of clothing or bedding. 

Investigators believe the victims are in the Asia Pacific region, including Australia, and are calling on the public to view the images and contact the AFP-led Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation (ACCCE) if they recognise the objects.

The images can be viewed at If you recognise an object and any details about its origin – be it from a shop, location or time period – please report it via the ACCCE website. 

Latest Trace An Object figures  

This Australian initiative is based on a project devised by Europol back in 2017. Since its launch, Stop Child Abuse – Trace An Object has yielded the following results: 

  • Over 26 000 tips have been sent in via the general public;
  • Investigators were able to narrow down a country in 93 instances;
  • 10 children victim of child sexual abuse have been identified and removed from harm;
  • 3 sexual offenders have been identified and prosecuted. 

A number of investigations are ongoing in Europe in order to identify more victims and their abusers. 

A new set of images made public 

On the occasion of the launch of the Australian initiative, Europol is releasing five new pictures on its own website.

These can be viewed at    

Please have a look and see if you can help us identify a detail which could lead investigators down the line to a child victim of abuse.