WARNING: Fraudsters are using Europol's name and logo to perpetrate scams

11 April 2013
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Fraudsters are deploying extortion techniques using Europol's identity and logo to con EU citizens out of money. Variations of this con, using the identities of other international and European agencies, are also in circulation.

Victims have reported receiving unsolicited correspondence that appears to come from Europol, offering assistance with a variety of issues such as obtaining compensation for being a victim of internet fraud or other scams, e.g. mass marketing fraud, or the issuing of anti-money laundering or anti-terrorism certificates in return for payment.

Should you receive such correspondence or be targeted by other cons such as police ransomware, do not reply to the sender, do not provide personal information and do not transfer any money. Europol, nor any other law enforcement agency or police force, will never collect payments, fines or penalties in such a way. All such demands are fraudulent.

‪Concerned citizens are advised to report all such incidents to their local or national police or specialised services, including consumer protection associations.