Carmina Germano

Europol Liaison Officer to INTERPOL

As the Europol Liaison Officer to INTERPOL I am based in Lyon, at INTERPOL headquarters. I represent Europol, taking into account our strategic and operational priorities, and I am responsible for coordinating and facilitating interaction between both organisations’ operational projects. It is quite a challenging position - on the same day I might have meetings on completely different crime areas and also discussions on strategic matters.

With Cape-Verdean roots and a Portuguese Police Officer from SEF – the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service -I have been working for Europol for over eight years.

When I joined Europol I was a mother of a two year old toddler, plus I was pregnant with my second child. Nevertheless I dreamed of developing as much as possible as a criminal analyst, and no place could be better for achieving this goal than Europol!

I found an organisation where analysis was at its core, with the best tools available, allied with the most knowledgeable and willing-to-share colleagues one could imagine. At Europol I could bring on board my home country experience and develop my skills and competences further.

The combination of hard work and determination, coupled with extraordinary colleagues and strong family support, resulted in a very positive career path. Before my current post I held the following positions at Europol: Analytical Assistant, then Second Officer, and Senior Analyst of a Focal Point (FP). As Senior Analyst I had the honour of leading a talented team of analysts, providing analytical support for major money laundering criminal investigations into serious organised crime groups.

Europol is an organisation where you are always learning and progression is possible; if you are considering joining us, I recommend you take on the challenge and apply!