Secure Information Exchange Network Application (SIENA)

Ensuring the secure exchange of sensitive and restricted information

The Secure Information Exchange Network Application is a state-of-the-art platform that meets the communication needs of EU law enforcement.

The platform enables the swift and user-friendly exchange of operational and strategic crime-related information among:

  • Europol’s liaison officers, analysts and experts
  • Member States
  • third parties with which Europol has cooperation agreements.

SIENA ensures the secure exchange of sensitive and restricted information.

Since its launch on 1 July 2009, SIENA has facilitated communications within Europol. In 2010, the following entities and countries started using it:

  • EU law-enforcement agencies
  • cooperating partners such as Eurojust and Interpol
  • cooperating states outside the EU, such as Australia, Canada, Norway, Switzerland and the United States.

Access continues to be extended: in 2015, law-enforcement agencies in Liechtenstein and Moldova became the latest SIENA partners.

Extending access

In more recent years, access to SIENA has also been afforded to asset-recovery offices (AROs), which use it to exchange information about assets to be seized, frozen or confiscated in EU countries.

A tool was added to SIENA that allowed it to handle restricted content on counter terrorism. In response, counter terrorism units connected to the platform, thus enhancing the exchange of information and intelligence in this key area.

Europol’s Strategy for 2016-2020 calls for the further development of SIENA as the system of choice for the secure exchange and communication of law-enforcement information.

SIENA is key to making Europol the EU information hub on crime. It will bring Europol closer to the front line of law enforcement, particularly when it comes to promoting and enhancing the exchange of information on counter-terrorism.

Data Protection

SIENA is compliant with all the legal requirements for data protection and confidentiality.

Under a pilot programme agreed between Europol and the German Federal Criminal Police Office in 2015, SIENA is being rolled out to the central police offices in all federal states in Germany.

Future plans include rolling out the system to regional initiatives such as the following:

There are also plans to provide machine translations of SIENA messages into other EU languages.

Information exchange via SIENA in 2015:

  • 39 868 new cases were initiated (a 16 % increase over 2014).
  • 86 % of the cases were initiated by Member States, 11 % by third parties and 3 % by Europol.
  • 17 % of the new cases were related to drug trafficking, followed by fraud and swindling (15 %), robbery (9 %), money laundering and illegal immigration (8 %)
  • 732 070 operational messages were exchanged (21 % more than in 2014)
  • 667 competent authorities — including 24 asset-recovery offices (AROs) and 32 counter-terrorism units — were connected to SIENA
  • 28 Member States and 15 third parties were connected directly; 19 third parties, indirectly.
  • There were 5 531 SIENA users (a 17 % increase over 2014).