Operational Agreements


EU Bodies and agencies

  • Eurojust

    • Europol participates in various coordination meetings held at Eurojust. A significant number of these meetings deal with the establishment of Joint Investigation Teams (JITs).
    • Europol has regular contact with the JIT secretariat hosted by Eurojust and continues to co-organise annual meetings of JIT national experts.
    • Fruitful cooperation takes place in the field of JIT-related training.
    • Europol currently supports 17 JITs with Eurojust via signed arrangements.
    • A joint Task Force is in place to monitor and improve cooperation between both agencies.
    • A staff exchange programme is in place, with exchanges taking place every month.
  • European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex)

    Europol supports a number of operations coordinated by Frontex. Frontex’ new legal framework entered into force on 12 December 2011 and provides the agency with limited rights to process personal data. Hence, it is expected that the number of joint operations will further increase in the future. An expert group has been established to elaborate on the business processes and procedures for the future exchange of personal data.

    Signature date: 
    04 December 2015

International organisations